Oracle CBCT is a super-specialty center for diagnostic imaging of the teeth, jaws and face including the Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), Ear-Nose and Paranasal sinuses.

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CBCT - Our 3rd Generation Hybrid CBCT unit offer multiple scan sizes and best-in-class radiation safety with excellent visualization of dental and facial skeletal anatomy at significantly lower radiation dosages and reduced scan times than medical-grade CT scanners.

Implant Imaging

Implant Imaging – CBCT is the standard of care in Dental Implant treatment worldwide. We offer Imaging and interpretation of the quality and quantity of available bone in the jaws as well as comprehensive implant planning when required.

Orthodontic Imaging

Orthodontic Imaging – “One shot” Cephalometry to ensure low radiation exposure and sharp images. CBCT enables 3D localisation of impacted teeth and 3D planning of treatment outcomes using the Global standard of Orthodontic planning DolphinTM Software.

Root Canal Imaging

Root canal Imaging - With image resolution up to 90μm, our CBCT Unit delivers a superb level of detail, allowing you to visualise the intricate root canal morphology, root fractures as well as non-invasive detection of furcation defects