2D Imaging

  • Panoramic / OPG
  • Carpal Index / Wrist X-ray
  • Occlusals (maxillary, topographical, and mandiblular)
  • Skull: AP, PA, PNS, Lateral Cephalogram and SMV
  • Cephalometric Analysis
  • Sialographic Studies

3D Imaging: All views of Maxillofacial and Craniofacial region in desired field of view


ENT Analysis

With multiple field of views otorhinologists and surgeons dealing with skull and maxillofacial region like oral oncosurgeons will have opportunity to have fine 3D images with less exposure to the patient in comparison to CT.



All 3D and 2D images are interpreted and reported by experienced maxillofacial radiologists having clinical experience with the use and applications of CBCT technology. These reports are made available in various options to suit the requirements of the referring doctors.

  • Hard copy Report / Prints of selected scan images on radiographic plates and color prints of 3D images
  • Reporting through Email
  • Images and report on a CD
  • DICOM Data